Maya Angelou is one of my favorite writers. Even though every line has depth, she isn’t exhausting to read. A poet-storyteller, & one of the absolute best, her words are experiential, relatable and inspiring. A brave life lived well, & well documented.

I love reading her words, because my heart relates. When her thoughts, written, and my eyes, reading, form a bridge.

When I think, I have felt that.
the heat of shame
the ache of longing
the sting of rejection
the held-breath of anticipation
the hollowness of loss
the buoyancy of hope

Angelou soared as an author because she wasn’t afraid of depth. She could survive &, then, transcribe her experiences. Depth is where life is truly lived, yes? When we don’t avoid, but allow ourselves to be fully present. It takes a steady, resilient person to be fully present and not be swallowed whole. She did it, & we’ve benefited, & I’m grateful.

I am not a talker. Now, I can fill silence quite well, but being able to vocally convey anything of importance? That has always been extremely difficult. I process through writing, & communicate best that way. This is another reason I adore Angelou. She was a writer who could speak. She conveyed herself (her ideals, her passions, her sorrows) exquisitely. She spoke like she wrote, & that is fascinating to me.

I’m sharing her here today. Some of those words of hers, spoken bravely & with a depth that connects. Hope you are inspired by them, too.