Ok, here’s my next Craigslist Corral. This time, how about we hunt for vintage homeschool decor?

00E0E_k3oIwPvq4fm_1200x900Antique Double Desk with 2 Chairs. $80. (Duluth) // This is awesome. Even more awesome if your kids get along well enough to sit that closely without losing their minds. That’s a win for everyone because this looks super well-built.

00L0L_8vzCHCjwmqv_1200x900Wood Filing Cabinet. $80 (Bishop) // Bishop is a hike for most people, but for those with either an aversion to metal and/or plastic, or a affinity for wood/well built items, this would definitely be worth the time!dashdivider


00x0x_3gLxgI3UEaI_1200x900Large Desk/Hobby Table. $100 (Athens) // This is gorgeous!


00L0L_cbujQXyn3Ar_1200x900School Desk. (Hull) // This seller says to make an offer, but I had NO IDEA Craigslist had so many antique school desks!! $75; $25; $25; $35


00T0T_1VNatx98FKD_1200x900Organizer. $100 (Bogart) // This is awesome! Not just for the homeschool classroom, but for a catchall in the mudroom or garage.dashdivider


00v0v_7D8FIXfkqe0_1200x900Two Tone Metal Storage Cabinet. $175 (Old Fourth Ward) // Leave it to O4W to have the coolest find in this line up. Oh, Atlanta. Some times I miss you so much.dashdivider


00X0X_ggWizTUNjG7_1200x900Vinyl backed wooden school chairs. $40/each (Atlanta) // Aren’t these so fun?!dashdivider


00Z0Z_iWYhz1zXFb3_600x450Street Sign. $30 (Doraville) // I don’t know if this is legal(?) but this would certainly be fun in a homeschool room, wouldn’t it!? But it’s huge… 5 feet tall! It would definitely be a statement piece.dashdivider


00W0W_apb6w1Aq2G0_1200x900Typewriter. $65 (Stone Mountain) // Want to teach your kids some patience? This’ll do it. Also, it’s cute.dashdivider


00101_1IPVSWosTda_1200x900Vintage Filing Cabinet. $70 (Lenox Mall Area) // This could go vintage, glam or whichever way you’d like. Love this!dashdivider


00606_ku3PYhRWkS2_1200x900Vintage Automotive Cabinet. $55 (Powder Springs) // I love storage cabinets. Up & out of the way makes my day, y’all!