This is my second post on Craigslist finds… Ah! This is super fun!  Today, blue is the color of choice.

00K0K_hMa8skL3xbT_1200x900MCM Blue Sofa. $150 (Athens, Ga) // 9ft long! It looks super soft, & the seller says they’ll take off $25 if you buy it the first day you email them.
bluedivider00f0f_3u15hI1KBJm_1200x900Light Blue & Cream Couch. $100 (Metro Atlanta) // I love this! It could go formal or fun.bluedivider00a0a_6Z75A0HhRFg_1200x900Blue & White Outdoor Folding Chairs. $50 (Kennesaw) // These would be great in a garden, wouldn’t they? Or even in a sunroom. LOVE.bluedivider00i0i_fvV1z0PGMtS_1200x900Vintage Blue Velvet Chair. $100 (Marietta) // Formal & cozy. I could see this chair in a reading nook like this, or holding it’s own in a massive space like this or even in some bohemian cabin retreat like this!bluedivider00i0i_1fqx0WH6XeL_1200x900Antique Stove. $800 (Uvalda) // I’m not sure if it works, but if it does, this is a wonderful deal!bluedivider00K0K_kGLv9yh4Arc_1200x900Persian Rug. $75 (Atlanta) // Seventy-five dollars?! Are you kidding me?! It’s 9×12 feet. If I didn’t think my husband would more than a little annoyed with me for buying more things while we’re paying $100/month for a storage unit, I’d be all over this!bluedivider00R0R_6gV0jJfYZcR_1200x900Denim Sofa. $20 (Ansley Park) // Denim sofas don’t get nearly enough play, in my opinion. They’re so versatile. They can go coastal, cottage, eclectic & bohemian.bluedivider00w0w_2SVieM8aOM_1200x900Fisher-Price Turntable. $35 (Athens)bluedivider01212_iutJoJD8fkT_1200x900Blue & White Ginger Jar Lamps. $60 (Royston) // I’m not a fan of the shade on these, but for $30 a lamp, it’d be pretty easy to switch those shades. I’d go for something like this.bluedivider01616_fZOqvSG7BfG_1200x900Peacock Eggs. $10 (Carnesville) // Oh, how I LOVE Athens’ Ga’s Craigslist.