3 year old blessings.

3 is not my favourite year… by a long shot. it might be my least, but since we’re only to 11, so i can’t fully weigh in on that yet… but(!) when i am able to tap down my desire for only kindness & love to flow from the lips of my littles, listening to the chatter of my 3-year-old can be really enjoyable. Sharing some snippets with you. Be blessed!

ABDTEFD, next time won’t you wing wit me.
(alphabet song)

Hey, Mom, I have my madick tar.
(magic star)

puddit in my widdow, wook.
(put it in my window, Luke)

(i’m not little)

attend i for wheel.
(pretend this is real.)

where’s your penis, mom? it in your ear?
(…that doesn’t need an explanation.)

whut dat amazing mell?
(what’s that horrible smell?)


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