wife to my rock-steady & best friend, Ben; an adventure-loving, naturally scheduled, bearded musician-accountant, who won me years&years ago with his long hair, bare feet, sweet dreams & giant heart.  he is also the funniest person i’ve ever met.

mother to:
ace,  our old-soul, eldest son, who’s brilliant & hilarious & forgiving & encouraging & who makes my brain stretch a little more every day with his questions on physics, math, philosophy & the abstract.
luke bishop, our deep thinking, deeper feeling, grey-eyed empath who writes music & has dance moves like michael jackson.
& pauly d, our youngest [MORE COMING]

sponsor to:
aaron (kinoni, uganda via compassion)
samuel (kaihura, uganda via 410bridge)

writer. reader. poet. photographer. introvert. dreamer. believer in hope & God.

// there is more information coming, but it is not coming right now.

note: i am also a procrastinator / extremely busy.