hello! welcome to this tiny space of mine. initially started as a blog, this site is morphing; slowly, becoming more of an agglomeration of passions rather than simply a place to write. (there is writing, to be sure. i still blog, but with about as much consistency as i’ve always had… which is pretty minimal.) i’ve also begun uploading my photography, & plan to share more of my creative passions in the coming days / weeks / months / years, as well as what stirs my heart.

bear with me, please, & with the wonky formatting & mismatched fonts. the prideful part of me wants to tell you: i started my first website 21 ago, & have had nearly a dozen since… but i used html, notepad, photoshop & ftp. it feels like i blinked & technology blew past me.  i am a dinosaur walking through mud trying to figure out cascading style sheets, child themes, & plugins… but it’s fun, & is a relatively unmessy creative outlet for me.

thank you for stopping by this tiny space, and if you have your own space online, please share! i’d love to come visit you, too.